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13 JANUARY 2012

Pendleton Ward: on Adventure Time and being an animator

"I made this interview for and ––– Man, I don't know what I'm sayin. To follow up on some of these ideas.. what I'm trying to do with Adventure Time is create a cartoon that kids are going to have fond memories of after they grow up.. and hopefully will be able to go back into and watch again and appreciate it a new way after they grow up. I'm tryin to make it timeless – – – like peewee's play house. With jokes that should be funny for adults and kids. When I was muttering about "real characters" What I mean is.. when I was a kid.. I cared about cartoon characters. I cared about Lisa Simpson when she loved her substitute teacher and how she felt when he left town on that train.. I cared about Doug Funny when he was nervous around Patty Mayonnaise. Even Beavis and Butthead had real moments.. when Butthead choked on that chicken.. it was real.. it wasn't.. cartoony.. but it was still funny. So I'm into that idea. Not that my characters are overly sensitive like Doug or Lisa.. I'm not trying to re–create those emotions. But just find out how Finn and Jake would react to the situations they are in and then play them real. Finn is turning into a little spitfire actually.. and Jake is Bill Murray and The Dude from The Big Lebowski.

The show is turning out really good I think. There are a lot of amazing people working on it. Thanks for staying interested and watching this video."

(Pendleton Ward)




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