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13 JULY 2011

The Future of Art: an immediated autodocumentary

"What are the defining aesthetics of art in the networked era? How is mass collaboration changing notions of ownership in art? How does micropatronage change the way artists produce and distribute artwork? The Future of Art begins a conversation on these topics and invites your participation. (twitter hashtag: #futureofart)"

(Gabriel Shalom & KS12 / Emergence Collective)



#futureofart • 2011aestheticsartart productionartistic practiceartistsartworkauthorship • autodocumentary • Berlincontent integrationcopyrightcreative practicecuration • defining aesthetics of art • future • Future of Art • Gabriel Shalom • integration • KS12 • micropatronage • networked era • ownershipparticipation • Patrizia Kommerell • patronage • production and distribution • Transmediale • Transmediale festivalvisual communication


Simon Perkins

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