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03 JULY 2011

Chris O'Shea @ Nottingham GameCityNights Episode 6

"Headlining Episode 6 is artist and designer Chris O'Shea, known internationally for his immersive, interactive multimedia work. Using Microsoft's Kinect, Chris will be talking us through the melding of videogames and play into contemporary art, with demonstrations of his previous and current projects."

(GameCityNights, 24 June 2011)

Fig.1 Chris O'Shea (2010). "Air Guitar prototype"



2011 • 3D skeletal tracking • air guitar • applied research • artist and designer • artistic practiceBritish artistChris OSheaconceptualisationcorrelative analoguedesign researchdesign researcherdesignerdevice • Dr Sketchy • experimentationGameCity • GameCityNights • gamesgraphic representationguitarGuitar Hero • hand tracking • high-fidelity prototypehistogramimmersiveinteraction designinteractive multimediainteractive music gamesKinect • LibFreenect • MicrosoftNottingham • OfxKinect • OpenCVOpenFrameworks • OpenKinect • OpenNI • playingpractice-ledprototyperesearch project • Rock Band • speculative designtheory buildingUKusabilityvideogames and playvisualisationXbox Kinect


Simon Perkins

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