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31 MAY 2011

Metadesigners Open Network: re-thinking the way designers are taught and practice

"Metadesign is an emerging conceptual framework within which designers will be able to work together in a more coherent and holistic way. Why? Because designing greener products and services will not be enough to remedy the environmental crisis that we face in the 21st century. We need more 'joined–up' ways to feed, clothe, shelter, assemble, communicate and live together. This will mean re–thinking the way that designers are taught, practice and organize themselves. It also entails re–designing design itself."

(Metadesigners Open Network)



21st centuryAHRC • Attainable Utopias • commodityconsumptiondesign intelligencedesign practicedesign responsibilitydesigners • Designing in the 21st Century • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council • environmental crisisethicsGoldsmiths College (University of London) • greener products • greener services • holistic • joined-up • metadesign • Metadesigners Open Network • re-designing design • sustainabilityUniversity of Londonwaste • Writing Purposefully in Art and Design


Simon Perkins

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