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12 MARCH 2011

SMPTE Universal Film Leader

"SMPTE was founded in 1916 to advance theory and development in the motion imaging field. Today, SMPTE publishes ANSI–approved Standards, Recommended Practices, and Engineering Guidelines, along with the highly regarded SMPTE Journal and its peer–reviewed technical papers. SMPTE holds conferences and local Section meetings to bring people and ideas together, allowing for useful interaction and information exchange."

(Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers)

1). SMPTE Universal Film Leader
2). CinemaScope Release Film Leader
3). Universal Film Leader
4). 'Cincinnatus SMPTE Film Leader Test', Internet Archive.
5). Cincinnatus, 'SMPTE Film Leader (Test)', Internet Archive, Creative Commons license [QuickTime 35.4 Mb]
6). Technical document on the Universal Film Leader by the European Broadcasting Union.




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Simon Perkins

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