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27 DECEMBER 2010

North Carolina State University: aggregating shared Twitter feeds

"NC State on Twitter takes all of the official NC State University Twitter accounts we know about and shows the most recent 'tweets' in one combined timeline. No more scouring the social media sphere to find out who's in and who's not–it's all right here, pulled straight from Twitter every time you load the page. ...

NC State on Twitter is a collaborative project shared jointly by University Communications and the Office of Information Technology (specifically Web Communications and Outreach Technology respectively). If you would like to create your own site like NC State on Twitter, you can download the source and use it for free."

(North Carolina State University)



affiliationaggregationauthorshipcollaborative projectcollectcommunicationcultural signalsdeviceengagementfeedsICTinnovationintegration • NC State • NC State University • North AmericaNorth Carolina State Universityoutreach technologyparticipationsocial constructionismsocial interactionsocial mediatechnologytimelinetweetsTwitter • university communications • usabilityweb application • web communications


Simon Perkins

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