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22 OCTOBER 2010

Intellectual Property and Open Source: Maximize the value of your IP without alienating your fans

"New digital distribution networks are reshaping producers and consumers' attitudes towards intellectual property and fair use. New approaches to intellectual property ownership and licensing such as Creative Commons and open source are facilitating the evolution of new business models with intellectual property at the very heart of the creative value proposition. It is essential the framework is up to date, relevant, easily usable and fair. This Beacon Project will create a strong positive vision of how the creative industries will reconcile the tensions at the heart of this new era and evolve paradigms where successful artists and businesses co–exist with empowered customers. 'The speed of digital convergence and the global nature of the digital revolution bring the complex issues of intellectual property and copyright centre stage for all. Long accepted business models are being blown apart; the Internet is radically reshaping consumer attitudes and behaviour; and legal frameworks are not keeping pace. These are critical issues for a strong creative and knowledge economy for the 21st century.' Dame Lynne Brindley, CEO British Library"

(Technology Strategy Board, UK)

Fig.1 Ginger Coons (08.02.2010) 'Open' [].



Simon Perkins

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