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25 MAY 2010

Preserving the Knowledge Commons

"when scholars use systems of reference to link one work to another, they establish and exercise underlying fabrics of trust. These fabrics serve to tie researchers to other researchers, teachers to students, and creators to users over time and place into durable and productive scholarly communities. The linked works represent the common pools of knowledge – the knowledge commons – over which members of these communities labor to produce new knowledge. And the links work, the trust endures, and the commons nourishes the intellectual life if and only if cited material is preserved so that, when a link is made, the reader is able to check the reference at the other end."

(Donald J. Waters)

[1] Waters, D. J. (2006). Preserving the Knowledge Commons. Understanding Knowledge as a Commons: From Theory to Practice, MIT Press.


authorship • cited material • common pools of knowledge • copyrightcreatorsdiscursive field • fabrics of trust • footnoteinformation in contextintellectual lifeknowledge commonsLibrary of Congresslinks worknew knowledgereferencerepositoryresearcher • scholarly communities • Section 108 Study Group • systems of reference


Simon Perkins

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