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24 MAY 2010

Digital Commons: a shared social-ecological system

"With the Internet nurturing the sharing spirit inherent in people, 'commons' has taken on a new meaning. Free software proved spectacularily that the commons is a viable alternative to commodification. The term 'Digital Commons' is widely used but only losely defined. Still, it has an obvious evocative power, and the potential to reconceptualize our knowledge environment and to unite those fighting for its freedom.

Charlotte Hess will give an overview of the historical and contemporary uses and meanings of the 'commons,' 'common–pool resources,' and 'common property' as they apply to both natural and digital resources. The challenge she takes up is to build shared understandings and definitions in this rapidly emerging area of scholarship which will give rise to appropriate collective action."

(Wizard of OS, 12 June 2004)

[2] Hess, C. and E. Ostrom (2006). Understanding Knowledge as a Commons: From Theory to Practice, MIT Press.



2004 • Charlotte Hess • commodificationcommon property • common-pool resources • commonsdigital • digital commons • digital culturedigital resources • information commons • information in contextintegrationInternetknowledge commons • knowledge environment • sharingtechnology


Simon Perkins

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