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03 NOVEMBER 2009

Evaluating the Social and Cultural Implications of the Internet

"Since the Internet's breakthrough as a mass medium, it has become a topic of discussion because of its implications for society. At one extreme, one finds those who only see great benefits and consider the Internet a tool for freedom, commerce, connectivity, and other societal benefits. At the other extreme, one finds those who lament the harms and disadvantages of the Internet, and who consider it a grave danger to existing social structures and institutions, to culture, morality and human relations. In between one finds the majority, those who recognize both benefits and harms in the Internet as it currently exists and who recognize its usefulness while worrying about some of its negative impacts."

(Philip Brey)



3TU.Ethics • changecommunitycommutingconnectivitycultural implicationsculturedigital cultureethicshuman relationsInternetmoralitysocial changesocial implications • social institutions • social structurestechnology • tool for freedom


Simon Perkins

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