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20 JANUARY 2004

Freemason: Solomon's Temple - Classical Order

"The strongest symbol of that classical order was to be found in the biblical story of the building of Solomon's Temple. As the embodiment of natural wisdom, the symbol of Solomon's Temple held secrets in its design. The invented tradition and history that centred on architecture and the building of Solomon's Temple not only offered freemasons a sense of being part of a select group with access to some of the secrets of the ancients but also, I would argue, allowed them to see themselves as a moral elect, able to act as a vanguard of moral agents in the emerging public sphere of the period."

(Kevin Hetherington, 1997, p.88)

Hetherington, K. (1997). "The Badlands Of Modernity: Heterotopia And Social Ordering". London: Routledge.


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