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15 JUNE 2009

The Centre of New Enlightenment at The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

"The Centre for New Enlightenment (TCoNE), was created to complement the aims of the restoration project to improve the emotional intellectual, aesthetic and physical access to the collections.
The objective of The Centre of New Enlightenment (TCoNE) is to improve young visitors' confidence and help them find the hero inside themselves – to believe that they are not victims of circumstance, but architects of their own futures.
The project was developed between 2004 and late 2007. During the pilot period in spring 2008 over two–thousand visitors were invited, with the Centre of New Enlightenment programme officially going live on Friday 19th Sep 2008. TCoNE is now fully open for school groups and visitors during school holidays. The Victorian ideal of the museum was one which transformed the lives of people, especially young people, through exposure to art, history and science The challenge to Kelvingrove was to create, in an empirically verifiable way, a programme which could realise this ideal, in the few hours of engagement involved in one or two visits together with incentives for subsequent self–led development.

The programme has two parts: firstly the museum experience comprising opening show; the tour and the end show; and secondly the TCoNE Community: further resources comprising mostly digital educational and support materials including an interactive CD ROM, and membership of an exclusive on–line community for all participants. A dedicated team of five museum professionals deliver the operation and development."
(Integrated Circles)



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Simon Perkins

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