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25 JANUARY 2009

Barbara Kruger: consumerism critic appropriated

Barbara "Kruger wouldn't like the idea that she incarnates the spirit of our time, the bourgeois bohemianism that David Brooks meanly calls "Boboism." She's against the commercial exploitation of anything, her many market tie–ins notwithstanding. If her work consciously advances a position, it's feminism. But although she's a feminist, she's also a theorist trained not to impose her values on other people. She doesn't like to be for things. Instead, she identifies herself with a stance: critical, suspicious, oppositional. Kruger has made a career out of denouncing oppressors, from anti–abortion agitators to wife–beaters, homophobics, racists, and the editors of glossy magazines."
(Judith Shulevitz, 19 July 2000)

[Photo of signage created through a collaboration between Barbara Kruger, Selfridges and advertising agency Mother.]



Simon Perkins

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