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28 DECEMBER 2008

Video sniffers subverting surveillance for art

"Artists in Britain are intercepting and recording security camera footage to make their own films in a reaction against the seemingly ever–present surveillance camera.

'Video sniffers' intercept wireless camera signals using basic electronic receivers, similar to a device used to pick up television signals. This, connected to a camcorder, allows the sniffer to view images from nearby closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras.
Wright calls video sniffing 'DIY media' and says it allows people to make use of the myriad security cameras on street corners, in car parks and in shops throughout Britain."
(Golnar Motevalli, Tue May 27, 2008)

[Swann Mobile Viewer 2.5–Inch Colour LCD 4 Channel CCTV Receiver]



artcameraCCTV • closed circuit television • DIY mediasecurity • security camera footage • subversionsurveillancetactictechnologyUK • video sniffer • wireless


Simon Perkins

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