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07 DECEMBER 2008

The Afterlife Of Buildings | Poland at the 11th Architecture Exhibition in Venice, 2008

"It is only what''s fluid, continuously reborn and redefined that stands a chance of surviving in the liquid reality. For that matter, due to limitations of technology, lengthy procedures, outsized ego of the architects and clients as well as the subconscious focus on Vitruvian durability, architecture proves increasingly cumbersome. It deems itself everlasting. It is a particularly perverse attitude in an era when information and cash flows may easily upset the world''s equilibrium.

We are presenting 6 buildings raised in Poland within the last decade. Each of them is shown in photographs by Nicolas Grospierre. The edifices represent different styles and tastes. What they have in common is their rank and prominence. As for their base level, it is the faith in infinite lasting and permanence of architecture as well as in its acquired, prestigious function. Possible scenarios of a change have been visualised by Kobas Laksa. The Venice Polonia Pavilion has undergone the same procedure as the Polish buildings on display. We have given it an alternative life by converting it into a place to stay for the night, during the first days of the Biennale. Hotel Polonia in the green holiday resort of Giardini di Castello? Not necessarily a utopia."



David Rogerson

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