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24 NOVEMBER 2008

The hidden music curriculum: Utilising blended learning to enable a participatory culture

"Music curricula have become increasingly systematised in universities where students may be segregated into class groupings which do not naturally support collaboration and project–based learning. At the same time, the Internet has enabled global social networking which has proven to be a source of engagement for young people and an effective enabler of revised professional practices and artistic collaborations. This paper examines a project which draws upon these contexts to provide a web–based discussion board for music technology students in an Australian conservatoire. It is shown that the blending of online and face–to–face activity effectively provides a 'hidden curriculum' in which students communicate, reflect and collaborate to build and sustain an authentic participatory learning culture."
(Paul Draper & Matt Hitchcock, 2008)


Australiablended learningcollaborationconservatoirecreative practice • Draper • face-to-face • hidden curriculum • learning • Matt Hitchcock • musicparticipationparticipatory learningpedagogypeer engagementproject-based learning • project-driven • teachingWeb 2.0


Simon Perkins

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