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21 NOVEMBER 2008

Narrative Patterns: the viral form of narrative intervention

"Never, ever argue against a story with fact, it never works. If an anti–story has become dominant in an organisation, no amount of factual statement will dislodge it. Urban myths in particular can grow up to excuse poor behaviour, creating a negative environment that will reject all new initiatives, enforce previous cultural mores and norms. The best way to destroy an anti–story is to retell it with incremental exaggeration until it becomes laughable. This is a specialised form of narrative work and needs to be approached with care, but it's one of the most useful."

(David J. Snowden)



David Snowden • deceptionfalsehood • half-truth • information reliabilityinterventionKMknowledgemanagement • manager • narrativeorganisation • rumour • space pen • staff • subversion • urban legend • urban myth • viral


Simon Perkins

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