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What is Folksonomy?


The Folksonomy is a knowledge commons and social bookmarking tool of digital culture and creative practice. I created the web application in 2008 to support my PhD studies. In doing so it served jointly as a teaching resource (for supporting my teaching practice that is situated within the context of design and technology higher education) and as means for evolving a shared collection of interrelated concepts and practice. While the tool's publishing and concept-grouping features are now less relevant (due to me completing my PhD) the tool continues to be accessed globally (and hopefully finds new relevance for its value as an information resource).

The PhD was supervised by Dr Jillian Hamilton and Dr Barbara Adkins as a QUT Thesis (PhD by Creative Works). A copy of the exegesis can be downloaded from the Queensland University of Technology ePrints site.

Dr Simon Perkins

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The Folksonomy is an evolution of the 2004 Constellations website. Its concept and software architecture were created by Simon Perkins and the interface design was created by Shu-Min Heng. The tool incorporates feedback from users including that from David Rogerson and comments from Nottingham Trent University Multimedia students. The Folksonomy has been created through guidance and support from Barbara Adkins, Mia Thornton, Terry Shave and Brian Griffiths. logo


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