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09 JANUARY 2013

The Computational Turn: Thinking About The Digital Humanities

"first–wave digital humanities involved the building of infrastructure in the studying of humanities texts through digital repositories, text markup, etc., whereas second–wave digital humanities expands the notional limits of the archive to include digital works, and so bring to bear the humanities' own methodological toolkits to look at 'born–digital' materials, such as electronic literature (e–lit), interactive fiction (IF), web–based artefacts, and so forth."

(David M. Berry, 2011)

Berry, D. M. (2011). "The Computational Turn: Thinking About The Digital Humanities." Culture Machine 12.


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Simon Perkins
11 NOVEMBER 2009

Art Design Media-Open Educational Resources (ADM-OER) Project

"It is accepted that Virtual Learning Environments have grown rapidly in the Web 2.0 world. Digital repositories have become essential to the delivery of accessible and sustainable teaching and learning materials. This ADM–OER pilot project constitutes the art, design and media subject strand of the more extensive Open Educational Resources Project being undertaken by JISC and the Higher Education Academy.

The benefits of shared resources are both incremental and durable providing support not merely to institutions and teaching staff but also to the wider subject community, students and prospective students, nationally and globally."



Simon Perkins

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