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15 JULY 2013

New International Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation

"International Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation is an international publication that provides a forum for discussing the nature and potential of creativity and innovation in design from both theoretical and practical perspectives. Design creativity and innovation is truly an interdisciplinary academic research field that will interest and stimulate researchers of engineering design, industrial design, architecture, art, and similar areas. The journal aims to not only promote existing research disciplines but also pioneer a new one that lies in the intermediate area between the domains of systems engineering, information technology, computer science, social science, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, psychology, philosophy, linguistics, and related fields. The journal welcomes various kinds of research papers (analytical studies, constructive studies, case studies, field studies, literature surveys, etc.) that will establish the basis for the academic discipline of design creativity and innovation."


2013academic journal • analogical reasoning • architectural designartificial intelligencecognitive scienceconcept generation • constructive studies • creativity and innovation • design creativity • design creativity and innovation • design educationdesign innovationdesign inspirationdesign researcher • design synthesis • design theoryengineering design • field studies • in-betweenindustrial designinformation technologyinnovative explorations • innovative process • interdisciplinary researchinternational journal • inventive process • inventive worklinguisticsliteraturephilosophypsychology • research field • research papersocial science • systems engineering • Taylor and Francis • theories on design • visual arts research


Simon Perkins
06 NOVEMBER 2009

Rolling Wave Project Planning

"Rolling Wave Project Planning (RWPP) is a phased iterative approach to project development, applicable to new product development, information systems and other technical development environments. It is an excellent formal project development approach for inventive work. When done well, it balances structured process with flexibility. It is appropriate for project life cycle models/methods that allow incremental development (spiral, evolutionary prototyping, etc.)."

(Gregory D. Githens, Catalyst Management Consulting)

Rolling Wave Project Planning" (PMI Symposia Proceedings '98NPD Track)



Catalyst Management Consulting • development life cycle • evolutionary prototyping • flexibilityincremental developmentinventioninventive workiterative designiterative design processlifecycle model • Process Model • project development • project life cycle • project managementproject management method • Rolling Wave Project Planning • RWPP • spiral mode


Simon Perkins

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