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06 JULY 2012

New Horizons: Current Developments in Research Practice

"BIAD's Research Summer School is now in its third year, and has established itself as a popular annual event that introduces researchers to current trends and issues in research.

This year's programme will feature the latest developments in research practice and consider how they apply to research in art and design. It will cover new approaches, such as digital and video research, and issues of current interest around publishing, the Research Excellence Framework, and the impact of art and design research beyond academia–including how research operates in the real world.

There will be plenty of opportunity to debate, both with the speakers and with colleagues and fellow researchers, and the programme will include opportunities for networking."

(Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, 2012 Summer School)


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Simon Perkins
01 NOVEMBER 2009

Birmingham's Visualisation Research Unit

"The Visualisation Research Unit (VRU) was established by the UCE Birmingham Institute of Art and Design in 2004 as an applied research unit to develop the use of digital media in creative practice. The Unit's remit has been to create facilities and produce research outputs in a variety of forms that reflect this new thinking about what and how art could be created through digital media. The emphasis of the Unit's work is on collaboration between creativity and technology, and on putting the technologies we have, and are developing, into creative use. Based in the Department of Art at BIAD, the Unit is a significant capital resource, with comprehensive motion capture facilities, animation capacity, supercomputing for data heavy processors and HD television production facilities."

(Birmingham Institute of Art and Design)

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Simon Perkins

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