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13 FEBRUARY 2012

Contractor Weekly: information for UK contractors and freelancers

"Contractor Weekly is the essential source of information for all contractors and freelancers in the UK. Based on decades of experience in the industry, the Contractor Weekly contributors provide a unique and cutting edge feed of news and opinion.

The Contractor Weekly website will be continually updated, but the full weekly editions will be sent by email every Wednesday. To receive the weekly edition please fill in the 'Newsletter Register' form on the left.

We want to interact with our readers as much as possible, so every article will have a comments section. We want your insight and encourage dialogue, so please feel free to add your views."

(Contractor Weekly)



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Simon Perkins
19 JUNE 2011

Professional and Business Development for the Creative Ecology

"The first book in this series, Fish, Horses and Other Animals: Professional and Business Development for the Creative Ecology was designed to deal with issues concerning creative networks – how to understand them, work with them, mutually develop them and grow your creativity and business within them. We thought this was a good place to start because many creative industry practitioners already live and work within creative networks, and instinctively know how vital they can be in all sorts of ways. We ended Fish, Horses and Other Animals, on the theme of Soul Food."

(Kim Errington, Neil Maycroft and Jim Shorthose)

1). Jim Shorthose. (2007) "Fish, Horses and Other Animals: Professional and Business Development for the Creative Ecology"

2). Kim Errington, Neil Maycroft and Jim Shorthose. (2008). "Soul Food and Music Contents".



Simon Perkins
27 MAY 2011

Nottingham Creative Network: providing professional and business support for Nottingham's creative industries since 2006

"Nottingham Creative Network launched in October 2006 and is a project designed to provide smart–targeted professional and business support for Nottingham's creative industries. ...

Our 6 themes are as follows:

––Selling Your Soul?–What are the tensions between pursuing your creative inspiration and making compromises to make your business work? Are there any? If so, how do you negotiate them?

––How to Make Friends and Influence People–The importance of networks and network development. How do you get good at networking and why?

––Who Do I Get Into Bed With–Having recognised the value of networks and collaborations for creative business, how do you use these relationship to their best advantage?

––Don't Get Ripped Off–What do you need to know and do protect yourself and get paid properly?

––More Than Just Beer Money?–What are the opportunities, issues and added pressures associated with going from creative business as a 'lifestyle' choice, to growing your business into something bigger?

––Soul Food–How do you 'refresh' the creativity bit of your business to prevent stagnation?

Nottingham Creative Network aims to address all these issues in a way that connects tangible advice for business growth and development with discussions of these issues that are relevant for the specific of the creative industries. We realise that sometimes the creative industries operate in quite distinctive ways. We come from the creative industries ourselves. We will be holding regular expert seminars and workshops, offering 1–to–1 surgeries and responding to the needs of the creative community in other flexible ways when opportunities arise."

(Nottingham Creative Network)


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Simon Perkins
20 OCTOBER 2010

Trust Network Sclerosis: The Hazard of Trust in Innovation Investment Communities

"This article considers the role of trust in structuring and sustaining entrepreneurial networks in Anglo–American communities. Interviews with stakeholders involved in innovation investment demonstrate how shared identity and experience serve as proxies for trust in influencing decisions, and subsequently how trust can serve as a proxy for thorough due diligence. Where relationship plays a role vital to the venture capital investment process, close dialogue reveals the ways nascent business development is affected by excessive reliance on trustworthiness, thereby introducing a form of lock–in labeled 'trust network sclerosis.' Qualitative data informs this analysis of how opinion–leaders shape high–risk, information–asymmetric investment decisions with ultimate community accumulation and effect. The paper concludes with a discussion of implications for entrepreneurial communities, other high–trust networks, and economic geography broadly."

(Terry Babcock–Lumish)

Babcock–Lumish, T. L., 'Trust Network Sclerosis: The Hazard of Trust in Innovation Investment Communities' (March 13, 2009). Journal of Financial Transformation, Vol. 29, pp.163–172 . Available at SSRN:


2009business developmentdecision makingeconomic geography • entrepreneurial communities • entrepreneurial networks • entrepreneurship • high-trust networks • influencing decisions • innovation • innovation investment communities • investmentnetworks • opinion-leaders • organisationsqualitative datashared experience • shared identity • SSRNTerry Babcock-Lumishtrust • trust network sclerosis • trust networks • trustworthinessventure capital • venture capital investment


Simon Perkins
30 OCTOBER 2009

EM Media: Screen Agency for the East Midlands region of England

"EM Media is the Screen Agency for the East Midlands region of England.

EM Media invests in East Midlands based creative talent, supporting and developing projects and activities which meet our business aims....

EM Media works in partnership with a range of organisations at a local, regional and national level including the UK Film Council, the East Midlands Development Agency and Screen England; the network of English Screen Agencies."

(EM Media)



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Simon Perkins

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