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27 JULY 2010

NZ on Screen: An Archive of Aotearoa New Zealand Screen Culture

"In 2007 NZ On Air initiated the NZ On Screen project as an integral part of its digital strategy. Since 1989 NZ On Air has funded over 15,000 hours of local television production. Much of this content, as well as thousands more hours supported by broadcasters, film investors and other funding sources, is not easily accessible to the public.

NZ On Screen is unlocking the treasure chest, providing access to the wealth of television, film, music video and new media produced in NZ, along with knowledgeable background information."

(New Zealand on Screen)

Fig.1 Murphy, G. (1981). Goodbye Pork Pie. Aotearoa New Zealand, NZ Film.
Fig.2 Tamahori, L. (1994). Once Were Warriors. Aotearoa New Zealand, New Zealand Film Commission
Fig.3 Ballantyne, A. (2009). The Strength of Water. Aotearoa New Zealand, NZ Film.





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Simon Perkins
30 OCTOBER 2009

Modernista! letting others define its identity

"We are what the digital media universe says we are. Why fight it? Which brings us to Modernista!'s new Web site, which isn't a site in the classic sense, but a search–engine redirect–you Google them, and the top link takes you back to Google, but with a small red navigation bar in the corner. The bar leads to shop–related articles and information from Wikipedia, Facebook, Google News and Flickr, among other sites."

(David Gianatasio , March 2008, AdFreak)



Simon Perkins
24 OCTOBER 2009

Advertising agency uses unconventional video website



Simon Perkins
13 JULY 2009

Skittles Website takes it to the people

"Skittles [ ] no longer have a "traditional" website, yet their presence on the Internet has been expanded dramatically and an enormous buzz has been created.

When you enter the skittles web address in your browser you are presented with what can be likened to a widget. This points you to the various sites on the social web."



David Rogerson

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