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02 AUGUST 2013

ibiblio: open source model collection of collections

"Home to one of the largest 'collections of collections' on the Internet, is an online public library with freely available software and information, for topics such as music, literature, art, history, science, politics, and cultural studies. ... was formed as a collaboration between the University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill's MetaLab, formerly known as SunSITE, and the Center for the Public Domain in September of 2000. At UNC–Chapel Hill, ibiblio is supported by the School of Journalism and Mass Communication and the School of Information and Library Science."


2000 • Center for the Public Domain • collection of collections • digital archive • eclectic collections catalogue • etree • free software development • freely availableibiblio • Information Technology Services • Internet2 projects • knowledge repository • Linux Documentation Project • MetaLab at Chapel Hill • online library • online public library • Open Educational Resources (OER) • open source model • open source softwareProject Gutenbergpublic access • SunSITE • technology pioneer • UNC • UNC-Chapel Hill • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hillvideo archive • video archiving • web-based services


Simon Perkins
09 JANUARY 2013

The Computational Turn: Thinking About The Digital Humanities

"first–wave digital humanities involved the building of infrastructure in the studying of humanities texts through digital repositories, text markup, etc., whereas second–wave digital humanities expands the notional limits of the archive to include digital works, and so bring to bear the humanities' own methodological toolkits to look at 'born–digital' materials, such as electronic literature (e–lit), interactive fiction (IF), web–based artefacts, and so forth."

(David M. Berry, 2011)

Berry, D. M. (2011). "The Computational Turn: Thinking About The Digital Humanities." Culture Machine 12.


archivearchivesborn-digital • born-digital materials • building infrastructure • database as cultural form • David Berry • digital archivedigital heritagedigital humanitiesdigital repositories • digital works • e-lit • electronic literature • first-wave digital humanities • humanitiesIFinteractive fictionmark-up • methodological toolkits • notional limits of the archive • second-wave digital humanities • structured repository • studying humanities texts • text markup • webweb archiveweb technologies • web-based artefacts


Simon Perkins
29 OCTOBER 2009

ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive

"The Animation Archive is a project of International Animated Film Society: ASIFA–Hollywood, a 501(c)(3) non–profit educational organization. We are building a museum, library and digital archive for the benefit of animation professionals, cartoonists, designers, students and the general public. Our database of images, biographic info and films contains thousands of entries– animated cartoons, artwork, and filmographies. Contributions and volunteers are needed to make the dream a reality."




animated cartoonsanimationarchiveartwork • ASIFA • database • database of images • designdesign historydigital archivedrawingfilm • filmography • graphic representation • Hollywood Animation Archive • illustrationlibrarymuseumsketchvisual communicationvisual design


Simon Perkins

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