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21 MAY 2012

New York Photo Festival: 3D coverage

"I mentioned the New York Photo Festival in an earlier post on the Altfotonet blog. I've since discovered the 3D coverage project by Martin Lenclos. The 3D coverage, gives website visitors the chance to experience the festival 'virtually' by offering photos and video interviews of the NYPH's curators, attendees and exhibitors in an evocative rendering the festival's actual environment."

(Gary Sauer–Thompson, Altfotonet blog, 26 May 2010)


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Simon Perkins
13 OCTOBER 2009

Beyond the Map: Issues in the Design of a Virtual 3D Knowledge Space for Aboriginal Knowledge

"This paper examines the role of Virtual Reality technologies (in particular, the Digital Songlines Environment), in the expression of a sustainable Aboriginal landscape knowledge base. The effectiveness of these new kinds of knowledge practice is framed by their sustainability and how they complement existing cultural knowledge practices. These issues of sustainability and complementarity need to be addressed in the design and implementation of the VR product. This paper frames the process and product of Digital Songlines Environment as a performative, cross cultural knowledge space, which has the potential to negotiate the controversies between Western techno–science and Aboriginal knowledges. The twin themes of reflexive design and respectful cross cultural engagement and trust, are seen as imperatives for the process and product to align with the authenticity, ownership and purposes of Aboriginal knowledge traditions."

(Malcolm Pumpa, 2007)

Pumpa, Malcolm R. (2007) Beyond the Map: Issues in the Design of a Virtual 3D Knowledge Space for Aboriginal Knowledge. In: 13th Annual Virtual Systems and Multi–media Conference, 23/9/07, QUT Brisbane, Australia.


Simon Perkins

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