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13 OCTOBER 2011

The Shape of A Story: writing tips from Kurt Vonnegut

"A few years ago, Open Culture readers listed Slaughterhouse Five as one of your top life–changing books. But Kurt Vonnegut was not only a great author. He was also an inspiration for anyone who aspires to write fiction – see for example his 8 rules for writing fiction, which starts with the so–obvious–it's–often–forgotten reminder never to waste your reader's time.

In this video, Vonnegut follows his own advice and sketches some brilliant blueprints for envisioning the 'shape' of a story, all in less than 4 minutes and 37 seconds."

(Open Culture, 4 April 2011)



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Simon Perkins
20 MAY 2005

Antti Lovag: Le Palais Bulles

"Maison Bulle overlooks the marvellous coast of the South of France, at Théoule sur Mer, near Nice: it is a house entirely built with curved surfaces, the structure of which, totally Futuristic in conception, has never been finished. It was designed in 1968 by the Finnish architect Antti Lovag."

(Floriana De Rosa)







1968curve • curved surfaces • fantastic architectureFinnishFrancefuturistichouselandmarks • Lovag • M-Net • Maison Bulle • Nice • Palais bulles • south of Francespectacular architecture

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