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01 APRIL 2012

Revised AHRC Research Funding Guide for Practice-Led Research

"If you are applying for funding to support a practice–led research project, please read the following advice for framing your proposal.

For your research to be considered as practice–led, your own practice must be an integral part of the proposed programme of research, and the creative and/or performative aspects of the research must be made explicit. Interdisciplinary proposals are welcomed, including those which fall within subjects traditionally defined as humanities as long as the main focus of the research is practice–led.

The research carried out should bring about enhancements in knowledge and understanding in the discipline, or in related disciplinary areas. This requirement excludes research to provide content. For example, if a film–maker wanted to make a film about refugees, the research questions should be about the process of making the film, not about the experience of the refugees. Work that results purely from the creative or professional development of an artist, however distinguished, is unlikely to fulfil the requirements of research."

(AHRC, p.72)

2). Arts and Humanities Research Council (January 2012). "Research Funding Guide" Version 1.7



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Simon Perkins
11 OCTOBER 2009

AHRC: Dissemination and Knowledge Transfer

"For practice–led projects, whilst creative output may be produced and practice undertaken as an integral part of the research process, the Council would expect this practice to be accompanied by some form of documentation of the research process, as well as some form of textual analysis or explanation to support its position and to demonstrate critical reflection. This documentation, analysis and reflection must be an integral part of the project and must be carried out during the award period. These outputs can go beyond more traditional academic papers and can include such forms as exhibition catalogues, where they are authored by the Principal Investigator him/herself; journals or diaries; documentation on a website, CDs or DVDs etc. A clear rationale for the appropriateness of the form of your critical reflection should be provided."

(Arts and Humanities Research Council, 2009. Research Funding Guide. Bristol, UK: AHRC)

[AHRC guidelines for qualifying the worth of practice–led research enquiry.]



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Simon Perkins

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