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11 OCTOBER 2009

IASDR07: The Role and Use of Creative Practice in Research and its Contribution to Knowledge

"A common problem in art and design is that creative practice is often presented as research under the label of practice–based or practice–led research. This problem arises on the one hand from the wish of practitioners to use their creative practice in research, and on the other from a persistent uncertainty about the role of creative practice in relation to the requirement for making a contribution to knowledge within research."

(Kristina Niedderer and Seymour Roworth–Stokes, 14 November 2007)


Simon Perkins
07 JULY 2009

The UK Arts and Humanities Research Council definition of research

"The AHRC definition of research, which is primarily concerned with research processes, rather than outputs, specifies four common issues which can be summarised as: the research problem to be addressed; context and field of inquiry; methods employed; and dissemination of results (AHRC, 2003)."

(Kristina Niedderer and Seymour Roworth–Stokes, p.13)

Niedderer, K. and S. Roworth–Stokes. (2007). "The Role and Use of Creative Practice in Research and its Contribution to Knowledge". IASDR International Conference 2007. Hong Kong: Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

AHRC (2003), The RAE and Research in the Creative & Performing Arts; response to the funding councils review of research assessment, AHRC, Bristol.


Simon Perkins

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