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20 JULY 2012

Veengle: online tool for creating video compilations

"You can create video compilations and share it with friends. You can share your created videos almost anywhere (e.g. to your website, your blog, other social networking websites).

During Beta stage, Veengle will handle only youtube videos. When the full version is ready, users will be able to upload their videos directly to Veengle."


[This tool which was located at: is longer in operation.]



Simon Perkins
19 AUGUST 2009

Qualitative Research and Quilting: Advice for Novice Researchers

"I am a qualitative researcher and a quilter. I have been a quilter for 25 years. I have been a researcher for 2 years. I have discovered conducting research is a lot like quilting and that the research process is a lot like the creative process of quilting.
Traditional quilting involves cutting up fabric into pieces and sewing them back together in a pattern. ... There are five steps to go through in completing a quilt: planning, cutting, sewing, quilting, and binding.
How does quilting relate to qualitative research? Recall that there are steps to follow to complete a quilt. There are also steps to follow in carrying out a qualitative research project: planning, data collection, data analysis, and reporting."
(Leigh Ausband, pp. 764–770)

Leigh Ausband, The Qualitative Report Volume 11 Number 4 December 2006 764–770



Simon Perkins

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