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21 JUNE 2015

The Next Black: a film about the future of clothing

"People say that fashion moves faster and faster. More colours, more collections, more brands, more styles. But in reality the clothing industry has been crawling, in terms of innovation, for the last hundred years. Up until now. For the first time in history, the concept of clothing is about to change. And it’s our mission to explore it.

This film is not about the new, it’s about the next. Will mass consumption of clothing continue to escalate? Or will we return to creating quality and caring about what we wear?

Will the future be centred around smart clothing and new technologies? Or will we find innovation within organic and traditional methods? We meet with some of the world’s most progressive people in search of the answers.

The Next Black is produced by home appliance manufacturer AEG, with the goal to anticipate future washing needs and contribute in making the clothing industry more sustainable."




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Simon Perkins

Berman: Do Good Design

"In 2000, David Berman rededicated his career to leveraging his experience and credentials to help spread the idea that visual communications can, and will, help repair the World.

Since 1984, David has worked to establish a code of ethics which embraces social responsibility for graphic designers throughout Canada. The Society of Graphic Designers of Canada adopted this version nationally in May 2000.

David served as the first elected president of the Association of Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario, the world's first accredited graphic design organization, from 1997 to 1999. He drafted the association's constitution and Rules of Professional Conduct and authored Ontario's accreditation examination on ethics and professional responsibility for graphic designers.

In 1999, the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada named him a Fellow for his work on the Code of Ethics, accreditation and other national issues. In 2000, he was elected Vice President Ethics of the Society, and now serves as national ethics chair.

David is dedicated to realizing graphic design's potential to help improve the human condition and the global environment. He speaks at international and local conferences and writes about the important role graphic designers can play in enhancing social conditions around the world, as opposed to applying their skills to help organizations mislead their audiences or manufacture false needs. Speaking invitations welcomed!"
(David Berman)



Amanda Briggs-goode
28 JULY 2009

TED: challenging textiles designers to reduced the impact on the environment

"At TED we have for a number of years been inspired by the Design Council's research which showed that if designers make informed and appropriate design decisions at the beginning of the chain, then the environmental performance of any product can be improved by up to 90%. TED's position is unique in research terms. Whereas other research projects look to the manufacturer or producer to 'clean up their act', the TED Project wants to challenge the designer to design textiles that have a reduced impact on the environment at the outset. We have been developing seven design strategies Over the last ten years TED has been developing a set of practice–based ecodesign strategies that we believe will help textile designers with this challenge. The outcomes of these research projects have been shown at prestigious venues and events like Well Fashioned: Eco Style in the UK at the Crafts Council Gallery, London; From Waste To Wear at the Science Museum in London; the Eden Project in Cornwall; and at the Ethical Fashion Show in Paris."
(TED Design)


Amanda Briggs-goode

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