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20 APRIL 2010

2010 NTU Graphic Design Degree Show Viral Ad and Invitation

"A successful pitch brief to produce the promotional material for the Nottingham Trent University Degree Show in summer 2010. We devised the campaign identity '111' to represent 111 graphic design graduates under a simple, easily recognisable identity. The logo is formed from 111 dots, each representing one student.

With each iteration of the logo, the chosen media afforded us various ways in which to present the identity."

(Toby Edwards, 2010)

Fig.1&2 "Nottingham Trent University Degree Show 2010", created by Toby Edwards, Luke Elliott & Joe Stephenson.



111 • 2010animated ad • dots • final year students • Joe Stephenson • Luke Elliott • mailshotmoire patternNottingham Trent UniversityNTUNTU Graphic Designoptical effectoptical toypromo mailshotstencil • Toby Edwards • UKviralvisual communicationvisual designvisualisation


Simon Perkins
16 JULY 2009

Javan Ivey: My Paper Mind

"An experimental animation exploring the "Stratastencil" technique that I've devised. Inspired by the Stratacut technique, Stratastencil is an additive process. Stratacut removes material to reveal another layer, while this technique adds another layer while still showing the layer before it."
(Javan Ivey)



animationcreative practicedesignexperimental animationexperimentation • Javan Ivey • layermotion design • My Paper Mind • paperpaper animationpaper cut designspectaclestencil • stratacut • stratastencil • visual designvisualisation


Simon Perkins

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