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22 NOVEMBER 2012

The creative industries provided twice as many UK jobs as financial services

"This Monday, [Andrew] Marr hosted a special edition of Start the Week on BBC Radio 4 to celebrate the RCA's 175th anniversary with guests including former RCA rector and Arts Council chair Sir Christopher Frayling.

In the show, Frayling pointed out that the creative industries provided twice as many UK jobs as financial services, but that this contribution went unnoticed.

'What I never understand is, there are so many column inches about financial services all the time,' Frayling told Marr. 'Financial services contributes about 1% more than the creative industries, which employ two million people whereas financial services employ one million people. So in terms of contribution to the economy generally, the creative industries actually have it over financial services in almost every way. And how many column inches about it? Very little. So there's this huge impact but people don't seem to be noticing.'

In his article, Marr argues that because the economic value of art schools is difficult to measure, politicians fail to appreciate their importance to the economy.

'And there's where I think the trouble lies,' Marr concludes. 'To invest in art and design means putting public money into areas whose value cannot be captured on a spreadsheet, where concepts like productivity, value–for–money, inputs and outputs–which so reassure the political world–simply collapse. That means faith. It means risk.

'But, without it, hard times surely stretch out rather bleakly. Other countries understand this, including China where more than a thousand art and design colleges are operating and whose students greatly benefit from colleges here too."

(Dezeen, 21 November 2012)

Fig.1 Jim Rokos "22° 36° 48°", fruit bowl [].



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Simon Perkins
24 FEBRUARY 2012

Contents of John Peel's Record Collection to be Made Public

"One of the most revered record collections in the world – that of music legend John Peel – is to be made into an interactive online museum for the public, as part of The Space – a new experimental digital service organised and funded by the Arts Council and the BBC. ...

'It is the first step in creating an interactive online museum with access to the entire collection, which is one of the most important archives in modern music history.' (Tom Barker, Director, John Peel Centre for Creative Arts)

'The idea is to digitally recreate John's home studio and record collection, which users will be able to interact with and contribute to, whilst viewing Peel's personal notes, archive performances and new filmed interviews with musicians.' (Frank Prendergast–Eye Film and Television's Creative Director)

Sheila Ravenscroft, John Peel's wife and Patron of the John Peel Centre for Creative Arts said: 'We're very happy that we've finally found a way to make John's amazing collection available to his fans, as he would have wanted. This project is only the beginning of something very exciting'."

(The John Peel Centre for Creative Arts, 23 February 2012)



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Simon Perkins
30 OCTOBER 2009

Writing East Midlands writing development agency

"Writing East Midlands is the writing development agency for the East Midlands. We support and advocate writing in the East Midlands, create opportunities for writers and discover new writers of quality. We advocate for investment in the literature sector to create an environment in which writers and writing can flourish.

We are developing services appropriate for writers at different stages in their careers. We facilitate new commissions, projects, residencies, and publications, and we also support appropriate live events.

Mostly, we work in partnership with a broad range of cultural organisations such as literature development officers, local authorities, regional development agencies, universities, schools, arts venues, museums, libraries, and producers. Through these partnerships we encourage relationships between writers and the region's communities, and we put writers in touch with each other."

(Writing East Midlands)



Simon Perkins
13 JUNE 2009

NT Live: What is it? How does it work?

"NT Live is an exciting new initiative to broadcast live performances of plays onto cinema screens worldwide. The four show pilot season will launch with Phèdre, with Helen Mirren, Margaret Tyzack and Dominic Cooper.

On 25 June the performance of Phèdre will be filmed in high definition and broadcast via satellite to approximately 65 cinemas and arts centres, reaching a widespread audience live across the UK. Tickets will cost £10. Over 200 venues around the world will also screen the production"
(National Theatre, UK)

[This appears to mark a logical evolution in digital cinema. Once unencumbered by the limitations of celluloid projection and enabled by the possibilities of digital–only projection cinemas can start to seriously revise their operation. In this case they are able to work as large–scale televisions presenting live broadcast content. One wonders how long it will take for this infrastructure to be redeployed as two–way receiving and transmitting collective performance spaces.]



2009Arts Council (UK)convergencedigital cinemadigital mediadigital theatre • Dominic Cooper • HD • Helen Mirren • high definitioninnovation • live broadcast • live performance on cinema screens • Margaret Tyzack • media convergencemultimedia • National Theatre • NESTA • NT Live • performanceperformance spaces • Phèdre • projectionsatellite • Ted Hughes • telecommunicationstelevisiontheatreUKvenue


Simon Perkins

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