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25 FEBRUARY 2006

Pipe Dream a virtual musical instrument by Animusic




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11 JUNE 2004

Kinetic Optics: Music Through Kinetic Abstract Animation

"This project is a series of new audio instruments and automatons that explore unique methods of user interface and audio synthesis. The series will be rendered with Java, Processing, Jsyn (Java synthesis libraries), and OpenGL. ...A goal of this project is to provide a series of instruments of distinct expressive audio range, through an interface of kinetic abstract animation. This series will operate in multiples, and incorporate MIDI to interact with professional, commercial audio systems. Precedents: Golan Levin, Audio Visual Environment Suite John Whitney Oscar Fischinger Moog Music and Buchula Systems: early modular synthesis Luigi Russolo and the Futurists Oscar Sala (Trautonium & Mixturtrautonium) Leon Theremin Harry Partch (Quadrangularis Reversurn Marimba, Cloud–Chamber Bowls & Gourd Tree)"
(Steve Baker)



Audio Visual Environment Suite • Baker • Buchula Systems • Cloud-Chamber Bowls • Fischinger • Futurism (art movement)Golan Levin • Gourd Tree • Harry Partch • JavaJohn Whitney • Jsyn • Kinetic Optics • Leon Theremin • Luigi RussolomarimbaMIDI • Mixturtrautonium • modular synthesis • MoogOpenGLOskar Fischinger • Oskar Sala • Partch • Quadrangularis Reversurn • Russolo • Sala • Theremin • Trautonium

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