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30 MAY 2011

Open Video Alliance: futuring participatory culture

"As internet video matures, we face a crossroads: will technology and public policy support a more participatory culture – one that encourages and enables free expression and broader cultural engagement? Will video be woven into the fabric of the open web? Or will online video become a glorified TV–on–demand service? Open Video is a movement to promote free expression and innovation in online video through open standards, open source, and sharing."

(Open Video Alliance)



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Simon Perkins
28 MAY 2009

cultural omnivorousness and awareness of the contestability of judgments

"University education it seems has exposed people to awareness of the contestability of judgments about taste which make them probably more adventurous, less up–tight, less worried that they might make a social faux pas by commending as worthy an item beyond the pale of legitimate culture. It should also probably increase access to more varied cultural experience and the sense that this kind of experience is a good thing, which is an equally important basis for future cultural engagement. The relative lack of confidence in our younger omnivores suggests that there is some norm which says that to be properly culturally competent one should indeed have a wide knowledge of cultural types, and that these are things which can be discovered through experience or, in the case of the London–based, non–graduate omnivore absorbed through the everyday life of the metropolitan centre. This is a form of omnivorousness informed by a tentative curiosity involved in learning what it is to be middle–class and developing positions and preferences which appear to be proper and correct."
(Alan Warde, David Wright, Modesto Gayo–Cal, Tony Bennett, Elizabeth Silva,
Mike Savage, p.20, University of Manchester and Open University, UK)

[Paper delivered to the European Sociological Association Conference, Torun, Poland, September 2005, Working Group on the Sociology of Consumption]


2005 • contestable • contextcritiquecultural codescultural engagement • cultural omnivore • cultural signalsdiscoursediscursive fieldeducation • European Sociological Association Conference • experienceknowledgelearningPolandsocial constructionismsocial interactionsociologytaste (sociology) • Torun • understandinguniversity


Simon Perkins

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