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03 FEBRUARY 2012

networkADM: blog for the Art Design Media Subject Centre Brighton

"This blog has been set up in association with Networks magazine to maintain a network of colleagues, and support teaching and learning, in art, design and media higher education in the UK. We welcome items that relate to teaching and learning in art, design or media higher education: the launch of a publication or sector network, the development of a special interest group, a call for participation, a forthcoming event, etc."

(Jenny Embleton, 2012)



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Simon Perkins
06 NOVEMBER 2011

Love in a Very Cold Climate: The Observer/Cape Graphic Short Story Prize 2011 winner

"For Isabel Greenberg, the winner of this year's Observer/ Jonathan Cape/Comica graphic short story prize, it is a case of third time lucky. 'I'd entered twice before,' she says. 'And once, I'd been a runner–up. But to win is such a nice thing. I'm so happy about it. Everyone tells you when you leave art school that it is going to be hard, but you never really know quite how hard until you're out there. It can be a bit depressing.' How will she spend her £1,000 prize money? 'I'm not sure. I should do something really sensible, like buy myself a copy of Photoshop.' She laughs. 'Or maybe 500 bottles of Winsor & Newton ink.'

Greenberg, who is 23, graduated from the University of Brighton, where she studied illustration, last year. She is now working as a freelance illustrator, and trying to finish her first graphic novel. Her winning entry, Love in a Very Cold Climate, tells the story of a marriage – only this couple, a south pole dweller and a north pole dweller, will never be able to touch one another, surrounded as they are by a magnetic force field. It's beautifully drawn, of course, from first to last frame, but it's also exquisitely written. In particular, the judges admired the way Greenberg handles time, somehow capturing a shared lifetime in just four pages."

(Rachel Cooke, 6 November 2011)






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Simon Perkins
09 NOVEMBER 2009

Practice-led Research: Centre for Research and Development

"The Centre for Research & Development (CRD) is the organisational hub for research activity in the Faculty of Arts & Architecture at the University of Brighton."

(University of Brighton, UK)

[Links to institutions, web–resources, discussion sites and papers relating to practice–led research.]


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Simon Perkins
18 MAY 2009

Mike Neary: the idea of the university is up for grabs

"As the growing body of literature testifies, the role, function and nature of the university are subject to increasingly intensive debate as higher education undergoes profound transformations at the national and international level. There is no longer any consensus about the 'idea' or the 'uses' of the university (Newman 1873; Kerr 1963), if there ever was. Universities are being 'realised and reshaped' (Barnett 2000; 2005), 'rethought' (Rowland 2007) and 'redefined' (Scott 1998). While some regard these transformations positively, others feel that these changes undermine the academic mission of the university, leading to 'crisis' (Scott 1984), 'deprofessionalisation' (Nelson and Watt 2003), 'corporatisation' and 'commercialisation' (Bok 2003; Slaughter and Leslie 1997; Callinicos 2007), 'ruination' (Readings 1996) and even the 'death' of the university itself (Evans 2004).

A key issue of concern for those who feel the academic mission of the university is being undermined is the way in which the student experience has been consumerised (Boden and Epstein 2006). The concept of student as consumer is based on a market led model of corporate governance, within which risky activity is motivated by profit driven imperatives. In this paper I argue for a different model of risk, one which is based on taking progressive risks with the curriculum in order to give students more responsibility for their learning, and – in so doing – provide much richer learning environments. I describe this model not as student as consumer but student as producer (Neary and Winn 2009). This model may be at odds with the market driven paradigm, which sees universities as providing a service for students, but it has the potential, I argue, to provide the basis of a framework for teaching and learning in higher education which promotes social responsibility as the key organising function of the university, making it better able to deal with the social emergencies that underpin its own crisis of identity."
(Professor Mike Neary, Centre for Learning & Teaching – Conference 2008, University of Brighton)


Simon Perkins

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