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15 JANUARY 2013

Minerva Project: seeks to satisfy global demand for an elite education

"Elite American universities maintain their prestige by turning away a huge percentage of applicants every year. And the education entrepreneur Ben Nelson sees an opportunity in this demand for top–flight education: He wants to reach talented students across the world and to build a new university that could remake the image of Ivy League education.

Mr. Nelson, founder of a start–up called the Minerva Project, believes the minuscule acceptance rates at prestigious institutions leave some college–bound students without a place where they can pursue a blue–ribbon degree. So his for–profit enterprise seeks to satisfy that demand by offering a rigorous online education to the brightest students around the world who slip through the cracks of highly selective admissions cycles. ...

To create these advanced courses, Minerva will break down the role of professor into two distinct jobs instead of simply poaching faculty members from other universities. The company will award monetary prizes to 'distinguished teachers among great research faculty,' Mr. Nelson said, who will team up with crews to videotape lectures and craft innovative courses when they are not teaching at their home institutions. (Mr. Nelson declined to elaborate on the size of the prizes.)

Minerva will then hire a second group of instructors to deliver the material. Mr. Nelson called them 'preceptors,' who will typically be young graduates of doctoral programs–they will lead class discussions online, hold office hours, and grade assignments."

(Nick DeSantis, 3 April 2012, The Chronicle of Higher Education)



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Simon Perkins
18 JUNE 2012

Design PhD Conference 2012, School of Design, Northumbria University

"Date: 27th and 28th June 2012, Place: School of Design, Northumbria

The Design PhD Conference 2012 at the School of Design, Northumbria University is a collaborative event between the School of Design's Centre for Design Research and ImaginationLancaster, Lancaster University. The conference offers an opportunity for PhD Students, Masters Students, recent graduates and businesses to meet, exchange knowledge and ideas, and learn about the latest developments in design thinking, methods and research projects."

(Northumbria University, 7 January 2012)


2012art and design conference • British university • businesses • Centre for Design Research • communities of practiceconferencedesign conferencedesign methods • Design PhD Conference 2012 • design researchdesign researcherdesign scholarshipdesign thinking • exchange ideas • exchange knowledge • ImaginationLancaster • Lancaster University • latest developments in design thinking • Masters studentsnew university • Newcastle Polytechnic • North East of England • Northeast • Northumbria • Northumbria University • Northumbria UniversityNewcastle • NU • PhDPhD studentspractice-led research • recent graduates • research projects • School of Design • UKUK universityuniversity • University of Northumbria • UNN


Simon Perkins
06 JANUARY 2010

Russell Group: 20 leading UK universities

"The Russell Group represents the 20 leading UK universities which are committed to maintaining the very best research, an outstanding teaching and learning experience and unrivalled links with business and the public sector."

(Russell Group)

[In the UK the Russell Group represent the traditional and 'red brick' universities and the 'Million+ group' represents the new or 'Plate Glass' universities.There is a similar equivalence in Australia between the more traditional 'sandstone universities' and the 'new' or 'Post–1992 universities'.]



Simon Perkins
15 MAY 2009

The Australian Technology Network (new universities, Post-1992 universities, land-grant colleges)

"The Australian Technology Network (ATN) comprises Curtin University of Technology, University of South Australia, RMIT University, University of Technology, Sydney and Queensland University of Technology. All were established as universities between 1987 and 1992. This group of universities has a common technology heritage, a common research focus on solving real world problems (73 per cent of all research income sourced from industry), and a willingness to learn from each other at all levels. The members of the group have worked together for more than 20 years."
(Department of Education, Science and Training, Commonwealth of Australia)

[The Australian Technology Network Universities in Australia are equivalent to the new universities (mainly ex–polytechnics and technical colleges) in Aotearoa/New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore, and Post–1992 or 'Plate Glass' universities in the United Kingdom and land–grant colleges in North America.]



19871992Aotearoa New Zealand • ATN • Australia • Australian Technology Network • Curtin University of Technology • Hong Kong • institute of technology • land-grant colleges • new universitiesnew universitypolytechnic • post-1992 • Post-1992 universities • Queensland University of TechnologyQUTRMITRMIT Universitysandstone universitiesSingaporetechnical collegetechnologyUK • UniSA • university • University of South Australia • University of Technology Sydney • UTS


Simon Perkins
06 OCTOBER 2005

Controlling Research Activity In Commonwealth Universities

University of Melbourne, Research and Innovation Office
The Australian Government has ... decided to develop a Research Quality Framework (RQF) that will provide a more consistent and comprehensive approach to assessing the quality and impact of publicly funded research. The aim of an RQF is to develop a basis for an improved assessment of the quality and impact of research in universities and publicly funded research agencies (PFRAs) and an effective process to achieve this. An RQF, when developed, could form the basis for future research resource allocation.

The Research Quality Framework (RQF) is Australia's equivalent of the United Kingdom's Research Assessment Exercise (UK RAE), Hong Kong's Research Assessment Exercise (HK RAE) and New Zealand's Performance Based Research Fund (PBRF).


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