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04 MAY 2009

iPhone: the mobile web takes off

"It is estimated that just one in five people with phones that are able to connect to the net actually do. But the iPhone, however, is having a profound effect on the willingness of its users to go online.
Figures from mobile analysts, M:Metrics, for the first three months of use in the US suggest that 85.9% of owners use it to go online. And according to research company, The Kelsey Group, 44% of Americans would consider upgrading their phone if it gave them 'better internet access.'

The iPhone has been marketed with an 'all you can eat' data plan – a flat rate cost that is becoming more readily available to all phone users."
(Dan Simmons, 1 February 2008, BBC Click)



AppleconvergencedeviceInternetiPhone • Kelsey Group • M:Metrics • media convergencemobilemobile mediaonlinetechnologytelecommunicationstrendusabilityweb


Simon Perkins
06 NOVEMBER 2005

Murmur: location-specific audio stories

"[murmur] is an archival audio project that collects and curates stories set in specific Toronto locations, told by Torontonians themselves. At each of these locations, a [murmur] sign with a telephone number and location code marks where stories are available. By using a mobile phone, users are able to listen to the story of that place while engaging in the physical experience of being there. Some stories suggest that the listener walk around, following a certain path through a place, while others allow a person to wander with both their feet and their gaze. ...

[murmur] was first established in Toronto's Kensington Market in 2003. That same year projects were launched in Vancouver's Chinatown and along St. Laurent Boulevard in Montreal, and over the past few years [murmur] has grown and expanded across other neighbourhoods in Toronto, Calgary, and San Jose, California. [murmur] Edinburgh launched in Leith in January 2007, and [murmur] Dublin Docklands launched in May 2007. [murmur] Australia launched in Geelong in February 2009."

(Shawn Micallef, James Roussel and Gabe Sawhney)




2003 • archival audio project • audio stories • context-aware stories • digital storiesdigital storytelling • Gabe Sawhney • James Roussel • locationlocation-basedlocation-specificmobilemobile media • murmur • narrative in the age of mobile media • path • pervasive technologies • place • Shawn Micallef • site-specific stories • Toronto

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