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16 JANUARY 2010

Airbrushed for change: feedback through Photoshop manipulation

"David Cameron's airbrushed poster campaign has backfired – setting off an internet craze of hilarious spoof versions.

On the site jokers can adapt the 'we can't go on like this' adverts to poke fun at the 15ft–high picture of the Tory leader. ...

Meanwhile, a focus group report on the campaign poster said: 'The general message was that it had backfired as it fed into the concerns people have about David Cameron and the Tories – that something doesn't quite add up.'"

(Bob Roberts, 16 January 2010)



Simon Perkins
30 APRIL 2009

Gordon Brown: I will continue to use YouTube

"A defiant Gordon Brown today faced down critics of his YouTube video on MPs' expenses, insisting he would continue to use 'one of the most important mediums of communication'.

The prime minister's unapologetic reply came after Conservative MP Bill Cash congratulated him on his 'comedy turn' on YouTube and asked when we could 'expect another performance'.

Brown retorted: 'YouTube is one of the most important mediums and maybe the opposition won't use it but I will continue to do so.'"
(Deborah Summers, Guardian News and Media Limited 2009)



Simon Perkins
02 OCTOBER 2006

WebCameron: UK Conservative Party Exploits VideoBlogging

Will Woodward (The Guardian 2006/09/30)
David Cameron will today unveil radical plans to harness the power of the internet by reaching out to a blogging generation that is disaffected and disconnected from mainstream politics.

The UK Conservative party have realised the potential of VideoBlogging. They have a new YouTube styled site ( that seems to be an attempt to leverage the popular interest in social networking sites.



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