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01 MAY 2016

Constellations: A participatory, online application for research collaboration in higher education interdisciplinary courses

"The research establishes a model for online learning centring on the needs of integrative knowledge practices. Through the metaphor of Constellations, the practice-based research explores the complexities of working within interdisciplinary learning contexts and the potential of tools such as the Folksonomy learning platform for providing necessary conceptual support."





2015communication designconnectivismConstellations Projectcontent sharing • creative practice PhD • design researchdesign scholarship • digital learning tools • eLearning 2.0information architectinformation architectureinterdisciplinaritylearning designparticipatory culture • PhD by Creative Works • PhD thesispractice-based researchpractice-led researchQueensland University of TechnologyQUTSimon Perkins • social and networked learning • user experience design (UX) • User Experience Design PhD • UX design • UX PhD • UX research


Simon Perkins
24 MARCH 2009

Information Architecture: understanding in the age of also

"Richard Saul Wurman, author and founder of the celebrated TED conferences, describes himself as an 'information architect,' a term that he defines as 'the individual who organizes the patterns inherent in data, making the complex clear. It's a person who creates the structure or map of information which allows others to find their personal paths to knowledge, and it's also the name of the emerging 21st century professional occupation which addresses the needs of an age, focused upon clarity, human understanding and the science of the organization of information.'"

(Ubiquity, ACM)



Simon Perkins

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