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16 MARCH 2014

Space Invaders (1978): the groundbreaking arcade game

"Space Invaders is quite simply the most influential video–game of all time. A single player moves an armed 'base' left or right along the bottom of the screen and shoots the endless waves of aliens marching relentlessly down the screen towards earth. There are four buildings (shields) at the bottom of the screen that the player can hide behind, but these will eventually be destroyed by either enemy missiles or by direct contact with the invaders themselves. The player's shots will also destroy the shields. The aliens' descent quickens as they are eliminated, making them harder to hit. A flying saucer will fly across the top of the screen at regular intervals and can be shot to earn extra points."

(Alexis Bousiges and Kukulcan, Arcade–History)

Fig.2 Youths play on a Space Invaders machine in Newcastle (UK) in December 1980.

Fig.3 Space World, Auckland (Aotearoa New Zealand), 1982.




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Simon Perkins
14 MARCH 2009

Retro Space: retro gaming console

"Martijn Koch makes a nod to the '70s while looking into the new millennium. With over 100 classic games (and emulators!) to choose from, one or two player will be the least of your problems. There's 2GHz Intel Core2Duo computer, 2Gb RAM, 120Gb HD, WiFi, Bluetooth, Gigabit Ethernet, DVI BT keyword for cordless typing and trackball for OS operation. The HD media jukebox is a nice touch – way to poop all over the old graphics. You can also get creative and tweak Retro Space to use as a video phone, as a terminal to control your house appliances, let it monitor and talk to unwanted visitors, or even use it as web or media server. Nolan Bushnell would be've come a long way, baby."
(via Brennan Woods, The Pursuit Aesthetic)



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Simon Perkins

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