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20 MARCH 2014

How the Guardian built multimedia interactive Firestorm

"Firestorm, the Guardian's multimedia interactive centred around this year's bushfires in Tasmania, was launched in tandem with Guardian Australia and has received widespread praise on the web for its moving and immersive portrayal of a crisis.

The interactive combines feature writer Jon Henley's text with video and audio footage, some shot by the Guardian team and some supplied by residents of Dunalley, the town at the heart of the story, as well as interviews with residents and maps of the area."

(Alastair Reid, 29 May 2013)



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Simon Perkins
17 FEBRUARY 2009

Online hate mail threat to arson case

"Since Friday, at least five groups on social networking site Facebook had attracted about 3500 people, with most users either threatening or inciting violence towards the accused [Brendan Sokaluk].
The messages were posted on Facebook groups which named Sokaluk over the three days his name was suppressed from publication by court order.

Liberty Victoria president Michael Pearce, SC, said internet users who had posted such messages were putting themselves in danger and jeopardising the accused's right to a fair trial.
'It's the cyber–world equivalent of angry mobs forming outside court, hurling abuse,' he said. 'There is a clear risk that these people are going to imperil a fair trial for the accused and also that they are in contempt of court.'

The suppression order on Sokaluk's name was lifted yesterday, but his image and address remained suppressed.

Despite this, the accused's photograph, seemingly lifted from his own, private Facebook account, was circulating on the internet last night.

Identifying details of his former girlfriend were also published. His public MySpace page was removed from the internet yesterday."
(Selma Milovanovic,, 17 February 2009)



arson • arsonist • Australiabushfirescyber vigilantismethicsFacebook • hate mail • human rightshypermediaMySpaceprivacyprotectionsocial networking


Simon Perkins

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