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20 JULY 2012

Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History: Memory Board (Lukasa)

"Lukasa, or memory boards, are hand–held wooden objects that present a conceptual map of fundamental aspects of Luba culture. They are at once illustrations of the Luba political system, historical chronicles of the Luba state, and territorial diagrams of local chiefdoms. Each board's design is unique and represents the divine revelations of a spirit medium expressed in sculptural form. While many lukasa utilize a system of denotation based on masses of shells and beads affixed to their wooden surfaces, this example communicates its content through incised designs and images carved in relief."

(The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Fig.1 "Memory Board (Lukasa) [Democratic Republic of Congo; Luba] (1977.467.3)". In Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History. New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2000–.–of–art/1977.467.3 (October 2006).



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Simon Perkins
22 APRIL 2011

Art Project: take a virtual (Google) tour of famous art museums

"Simply select a museum from the homepage and then either choose 'Explore the museum' or 'View Artwork'. Once you are in the main site use the drop–down menus or the side info bar to navigate between artworks and museums. Finally create and share your own collections online."

(Google Art Project, 2011)




2011 • Alte Nationalgalerie • Amsterdam • App Engine • art • Art Project (Google) • artistsartworkBerlincollectiondetailFlorenceFrance • Freer Gallery of Art • Frick Collection • gallery • Gemaldegalerie • Google Art Project • Google IncGoogle Street Viewhigh resolutionintegrationLondonMadridmappingmasterpieceMetropolitan Museum of ArtMoMAMoscowmultimedia • Museo Reina Sofia • Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza • museum • Museum Kampa • National GallerynavigationNew YorkNew York CityobjectsPalace of Versailles • Picasa • Prague • resolution • RijksmuseumsearchSt. Petersburg • State Hermitage Museum • State Tretyakov Gallery • Tate Britaintechnologytool • Uffizi Gallery • Van Gogh Museum • Versailles • viewvirtual heritagevirtual tourvisual depictionvisualisationWashington DCweb application • zoom


Simon Perkins
16 DECEMBER 2004

Te Maori exhibition was a milestone in the Māori cultural renaissance of the 1970s onwards

"The Te Maori exhibition was a milestone in the Māori cultural renaissance of the 1970s onwards. Featuring traditional Māori artwork, the exhibition at first toured the United States in 1984 and was shown in New York, St Louis and Chicago. It was a great success and returned to tour New Zealand, again to applause, and a swelling of Māori pride. This photograph shows exhibition staff at the Auckland City Art Gallery just before its opening there."
(New Zealand Herald, 7 September 1984)



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