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26 JULY 2012

设计研究:以设计师的眼睛洞察消费者”公开课 / Design Research in Practice Workshop


In this workshop our team will introduce the participants to a definition and background of design research and how it differs from market research in its goals and outcomes. We will also demonstrate the power of design thinking and the research methodology for innovation. There will be interactive portions of the workshop where participants will learn firsthand, how to approach problems like design researchers, what is the methodology and frameworks which enables the generation of meaningful and resonating ideas. Techniques and experience sharing from the design researcher's toolbox."

(CBi China Bridge, Shanghai)


2012 • CBi China Bridge • creative economydesign research • design research case studies • design research methodologydesign researcher • design researchers toolbox • design thinkinginnovationinnovation and entrepreneurship • innovation research • innovation seminarsinnovation skillsknowledge-based economymarket researchmeaningful ideasPeoples Republic of China • resonating ideas • Shanghaiworkshop


Simon Perkins
04 OCTOBER 2011

Discussion Paper: a new Australian classification scheme?

"This chapter outlines factors in the media environment that necessitate reform of media classification and the development of a new National Classification Scheme. It identifies the range of trends which have been associated with media convergence, including increased access to high–speed broadband internet, digitisation, globalisation, accelerated innovation, the rise of user–created content and the changing nature of the media consumer, and the blurring of distinctions between public and private media consumption. It also draws attention to findings arising from the Convergence Review, and recent work undertaken by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (the ACMA) on 'broken concepts' in existing broadcasting and telecommunications legislation and their relevance to media classification. "

(Australian Law Reform Commission, 30 September 2011, p.45)

1). Australian Law Reform Commission (September 2011). 'National Classification Scheme Review', Discussion Paper 77

[Recommendations by Australian government agency for media policy and law reform.]


2011 • accelerated innovation • access • ACMA • ALRC • Australia • Australian Communications and Media Authority • Australian Law Reform Commission • Australian Law Reform Commission Act • broadbandbroadcasting • broken concepts • changeconsumptionconvergencedigitisationdiscussion paper • federal agency • globalisation • Graham Meikle • high-speed broadband • ICTknowledge-based economylaw • legal reform • legislation • media classification • media consumermedia convergencemedia policymedia regulation • National Classification Scheme • old media • private media • private media consumption • reform • reform of media classification • reviewtechnological innovationtelecommunications • telecommunications legislation • trends • user-created content


Simon Perkins

Dyson: new ways of doing the familiar

"New ideas are the lifeblood of Dyson. Every year, we invest half our profits back into harnessing them at our research and development laboratory in Wiltshire. There are 350 engineers and scientists based there. Thinking, testing, breaking, questioning.

They're a varied bunch, too. Many are design engineers developing new ideas and technology. Then there are specialists who test and improve different aspects of each machine, from the way they sound to what they pick up. Some will have years of experience. Others are fresh out of universities like the Royal College of Art, Brunel or Loughborough."

(Dyson Limited, UK)

Fig.1 Sean Poulter (15th September 2011). "Sci–fi: The bladeless fan heater quickly warms an entire room without any visible moving parts" [–2037565/Get–hot–Dyson–unveils–new–heater–warms–room–using–jet–engine–technology.html], Associated Newspapers Ltd.



applied research • breaking • Brunel University • design and development • design engineers • Dyson • Dyson Air Multiplier • engineersentrepreneurshipeverydayimagineeringinnovationknowledge-based economyLoughborough Universitymachinenew ideasnew technologyquestioningresearch labRoyal College of ArttestingthinkingUK • Wiltshire


Simon Perkins
12 AUGUST 2011

Ideas Expo: building a new Creative Christchurch through precincts

"Fifteen urban designers, business leaders, arts and tourism representatives, geo–tech experts, architects, environmentalists, students and a Central City resident for 57 years will share their ideas for Christchurch's Central City in the Speakers' Corner at this weekend's (14 and 15 May) community expo."

(Rebuild Christchurch, 14 and 15 May 2011)

[It's not very often that whole cities are re–designed as is the case with Christchurch in Aotearoa New Zealand. While earthquakes continue to shake the region Christchurch residents are making plans for the future. The Christchurch City Council invited key stakeholders to present their perspectives as part of their public consultation process. In doing so Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology (CPIT) Dean Dr. Jane Gregg and Creative Industries Faculty Stakeholder Manager Martin Trusttum explain their vision for a "Creative Christchurch" based on the concept of precincts.]



2011Aotearoa New Zealandarchitectsarts community • arts representatives • buildingCBD • central city • ChristchurchChristchurch City Council • Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology • citycivic engagement • community expo • constructionCPIT • Creative Christchurch • creative economycreative industriescultural precinctdemocratic participationearthquakeidealisminfrastructureinhabitationinnovation • interconnected spaces • Jane Gregg • knowledge-based economylandscape futuresMartin Trusttumnodeparticipation • precinct • redevelopment • reterritorialisationsettlementSouth Islandtabula rasatheme parktransformation • urban designers • urban planning


Simon Perkins
15 JULY 2011

UK Video Games and Video Effects Skills Review

"In July 2010, Ed Vaizey, the Minister for Culture, Communications and the Creative Industries asked Ian Livingstone and Alex Hope to undertake a Review of the skills needs of the UK's video games and visual effects industries and to make practical recommendations for how these needs can be met.

Six months later, after working closely with NESTA and after close consultation with their fellow practitioners, school teachers and university lecturers and conducting a comprehensive programme of data gathering and original research, they are presenting Next Gen: Transforming the UK into the world's leading talent hub for the video games and visual effects industries.

In the report they detail a set of 20 recommendations for government, educators and industry, identifying clearly in each case where we see lead responsibility lying."

(UK National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts)

Fig.1 VFX still from Iron Man 2, the Movie © 2010 MVL Film Finance LLC. Iron Man, the Character TM & © 2010 Marvel Entertainment LLC & subs. All rights reserved.

2). Next Gen: Transforming the UK



Simon Perkins

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