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27 NOVEMBER 2012

U+MAG: an independent Brazilian digital magazine

"In some religions, one must be baptized in water for a new, sinless person to emerge. Maybe that can unfold, in different ways, for a magazine like U+MAG, which is created from scratch every three months, sinless and clean – as I've said in past issues. And in life, it's sometimes crucial to be born again, everyday. But there is a baptism inside this edition, and it happened through images by Lucas Bori and Fernando Mazza. They are responsible (together with Cassia Tabatini, Daniel Malva, Tiago Chediak and Hugo Toni) for the pictures that act as breathers within this issue, which marks a transition to a new phase for the magazine. It is now divided between online (exclusive stories regularly posted on our website), mobile (iPad, iPhone and Android) and print (print on demand is the future!). This issue of U+MAG is special for another reason: it's our anniversary edition (but without golden, celebratory caps) and also because it celebrates in an unconventional way and running from stereotypes what an emerging nation can show the world. In this issue's opening pages, Bruno Munari's quote is the perfect translation for what we want to convey. Things that make our lives interesting. It's not as if the magazine has a message such as 'Yes, we have Bananas, and they are the world's best'. It's much more than that: we present Brazilian imagery outside of the tourist package that's usually spread around, specially when the country concerned is about to host a World Cup and the Olympics. But we treat it all ironically (e.g. the story shot by Vitor Pickersgill, inspired by the carioca piriguetes, a term for local, shamelessly clad girls) and poetically (such as the Iemanja 2.0, beautifully impersonated by Thais Custodio). If we focused the whole issue on Brazil, however, we would be closing ourselves to the world. And it goes against our principles. That's why the stories shot by our foreign collaborators are indispensable for U+MAG's universe. They are essential for our formula to work out. Our exaggerated, bold and visually ever changing spirit will remain intact. The covers, on the other hand, will suffer a redesign in 2013. A preview of that process is the cover of our special collector's issue–all to value photography and imagery. Besides, fresh air is always appreciated. A special thanks for all who were part of U+MAG's history so far, and hello for all newcomers, who believe in our work and our philosophy."

(U+MAG, 2012)



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Simon Perkins
27 MAY 2011

Nottingham Creative Network: providing professional and business support for Nottingham's creative industries since 2006

"Nottingham Creative Network launched in October 2006 and is a project designed to provide smart–targeted professional and business support for Nottingham's creative industries. ...

Our 6 themes are as follows:

––Selling Your Soul?–What are the tensions between pursuing your creative inspiration and making compromises to make your business work? Are there any? If so, how do you negotiate them?

––How to Make Friends and Influence People–The importance of networks and network development. How do you get good at networking and why?

––Who Do I Get Into Bed With–Having recognised the value of networks and collaborations for creative business, how do you use these relationship to their best advantage?

––Don't Get Ripped Off–What do you need to know and do protect yourself and get paid properly?

––More Than Just Beer Money?–What are the opportunities, issues and added pressures associated with going from creative business as a 'lifestyle' choice, to growing your business into something bigger?

––Soul Food–How do you 'refresh' the creativity bit of your business to prevent stagnation?

Nottingham Creative Network aims to address all these issues in a way that connects tangible advice for business growth and development with discussions of these issues that are relevant for the specific of the creative industries. We realise that sometimes the creative industries operate in quite distinctive ways. We come from the creative industries ourselves. We will be holding regular expert seminars and workshops, offering 1–to–1 surgeries and responding to the needs of the creative community in other flexible ways when opportunities arise."

(Nottingham Creative Network)


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Simon Perkins
18 JANUARY 2009

South West Creative Growers Association: the creative industries in UK's South West

[A tongue–in–cheek viral clip created by Creative to promote the creative industries in UK's South West.]



adadvertisingBristolchange of imageCornwallcreative industriescreative people • Devon • essential characteristics • Exeter • Gloucester • place brandingplace promotion • Plymouth • region branding • Rubber Republic • Somerset • South West Creative Growers Association • Swindon • Taunton • the harvest • UKviral marketing


Simon Perkins

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