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02 OCTOBER 2013

Subservient hunter hawks Tipp-Ex white-out

"Leave it to a brand of ink–correction fluid to create the most entertaining YouTube campaign since the Old Spice response videos. The clip below, for Tipp–Ex, with a hunter who encounters a bear at his campsite, sets in motion a whole interactive choose–your–own–adventure game where you decide what the hunter should do to the bear by typing directions into a field above the video. (The hunter uses Tipp–Ex to erase the word "shoots" and asks you for replacements.) It's basically Subservient Chicken all over again, but with a YouTube spin."

(Tim Nudd, 2 September 2010, Adweek)



2010adAdweekbearbreaking the fourth wall • Buzzman (agency) • campsite • choose your own adventure • correction fluid • deus ex machina • erase • erasuregrizzly bear • hunter • interactive advertisinginteractive narrativeinteractive YouTube video • Old Spice • Subservient Chicken (Burger King) • Tipp-Ex • white-out • YouTube campaign


Mik Parsons
20 DECEMBER 2010

Deliver Me To Hell: Hell Pizza Interactive Zombie Adventure

"Hell Pizza in New Zealand entered the twilight zone with the Hell Pizza Interactive Zombie Adventure, launched on YouTube on July 30, 2010. 'Deliver Me To Hell' is set in a world in which Christchurch has been over run by bloodthirsty flesh–seeking zombies. Steve (Dj Iwikau) at Hell Pizza must get a $15 smoky barbecue sauce Lust pizza order over to a stranded woman on a container in Avonhead. Along the way he must navigate zombies, work out whether to take a passenger (Ben Edwards), navigate shortcuts and get to the girl (Emily Trenberth)."

(Duncan Macleod, The Inspiration Room)



2010adadvertadvertisingAotearoa New Zealand • Ben Edwards • branching narrativechoose your own adventureChristchurchcommercial • Deliver Me To Hell • Dj Iwikau • Emily Trenberth • film • Hell Pizza • Hell Pizza Interactive Zombie Adventure • humourInspiration Roominteractiveinteractive adventureinteractive advertisinginteractive narrativeinteractive storyinteractive YouTube video • Little Sister Films • Logan McMillan • moviepizzashort filmTVC • twilight zone • video agency • video productionviralYouTubezombie


Simon Perkins
21 NOVEMBER 2010

Make a different choice: condom, no condom?

"An interactive sexual health film aimed at encouraging young people to choose condoms has been launched by NHS Choices and NHS Bristol.

'Condom, no condom?' allows viewers to direct the storyline and shows the consequences of using or not using a condom.

The film, which is on YouTube, follows a group of young party–goers and at different stages of their night out the viewer is prompted on whether or not to choose a condom.

Each choice leads to another short film showing the consequences of the decision, including pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections and rejection by a partner."

(Department of Health, 14 October 2010 , UK)



2010adad campaignadolescent sexualityadvertbranching narrativeBristolcampaignchoose your own adventure • condom • contraception • Department of HealthhealthHIVinteractiveinteractive advertisinginteractive narrativeinteractive storyinteractive YouTube video • life choices • make a different choice • NHS • NHS Bristol • NHS Choices • partypregnancypublic healthpublic health campaignpublic informationsexsexual health • sexually transmitted infection • short filmsocial realitysociety • STI • UKyoung adultYouTube


Simon Perkins
25 AUGUST 2009

Choose A Different Ending: interactive advertising

"Nottingham based filmmaker Simon Ellis has been making quality short films for ages now. His latest short 'Soft' won a TON of awards including being nominated for a BAFTA.

He's recently finished directing a commercial for a big anti knife campaign that will be running both online and on TV. The online commercial is different in that it's interactive, allowing the viewer to decide the destiny of the main character.

The key to this is it puts you slap bang in the centre of a world and you decide what choices the main character makes. Through great acting and camera–work, the result is something very effective. The point is to show you the consequences of the multitude of different choices when it comes to knife crime."
(BritFilms TV, 2009)



Simon Perkins

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