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31 JANUARY 2012

David Harvey: The Crises of Capitalism

"Radical sociologist David Harvey asks: is it time to look beyond capitalism towards a new social order that would allow us to live within a system that really could be responsible, just, and humane?"

(Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce)



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Simon Perkins
15 MAY 2009

Creative Economy: Creative Choices

"In the last ten years the creative industries have become one of the most fashionable and talked–about components of the global economy. Are they just froth on the surface of exuberant capitalism, about to be blown away by global recession, or are they a paradigm for a new networked future in which quality rather than quantity will become the ultimate arbiter of success in a world whose population is growing but whose resources are diminishing?

In After The Crunch the editors Tom Bewick, John Holden, John Kieffer, John Newbigin and Shelagh Wright join forces with 42 artists, entrepreneurs, commentators, analysts, policy–makers, policy–sceptics, academics, financiers – and citizens – to set out their hopes and fears for the future."
(Creative & Cultural Skills, UK)



2009 • After The Crunch • capitalismcreative economycreative industriescredit crunchcultureeconomyenterpriseentrepreneurshipglobal economyinnovationnetwork • networked • UK


Simon Perkins
09 JANUARY 2009

What Did the Winners of the Last Recession Do Right?

"Although the past decade's record–setting economic growth temporarily obscured the reality and, indeed, the importance of recessions, recessions are a fact of business life. The current business environment is a reminder that managing during times of economic turmoil is a critical business capability.

So what did those companies that came out of the financial gate most strongly after the recession of the early 1990s do?

To find out, Accenture Institute for High Performance Business researchers interviewed senior executives who experienced the global recession of 1990–1991. We then coupled those quantitative findings with analysis of the financial performance of 850 of the largest companies in the United States based on return on invested capital"



David Rogerson

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