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11 APRIL 2017

This Unruly: a repository of video cut-ups (clips and literature reviews)

This Unruly is an evolving web repository of theory and practice related to recombinatory video appropriation practices involving video re-purposing, re-mixing, collage and cut-up techniques. The site includes examples of YouTube clips as well as a literature review of articles and academic papers, which relate to the subject. Content within the site has been organised using a provisional taxonomy that centres on formal aesthetic, creative and experimental features. In doing so this marks a departure from more conventional approaches, which generally seek to locate works according to established art historical developments and stylistic conventions. The site, which was created by Simon Perkins is an extension to posts about the practice of video cut-ups that were initially made to the in 2016.



advertising hijacking • appropriation practices • cut-up techniquecut-up videosdesign formalismdetournement • detournement publicitaire • DIY medialiterature review • media hijacking • media rerouting • parody rebootparody versionparody video remixespolitical remix video • provisional taxonomy • recombinatory practice • recombinatory video appropriation practices • reinscription through omission • remix video • reorder • Simon PerkinsSimpsonwave aestheticsongifysupercutsupercut mashup • The Reorder Project • ThisUnruly • trackjacking • trailer remix • transformative video remixvaporwave aestheticviddingvideo collage • video cut-up • video cut-up techniques • video hijacking • video re-cut • video re-mixing • video re-purposing • video reinterpretationvideo remixvideo repurposing • web repository • YouTube clips


Simon Perkins
24 JUNE 2016

Examples of parody video remixes using lip-syncing / singing

The Nick Clegg Apology Song: I'm Sorry (The Autotune Remix); The Shawshank LibDemption [Nick Clegg Resignation Reboot]; RAP BATTLE DAVID CAMERON VS NIGEL FARAGE (PARODY/SPOOF); Cassetteboy vs The Snoopers' Charter; Cassetteboy vs Jeremy Hunt.



apology • auto-tune • Cassetteboy • Charlie Sheen • conference rap • Conservative partycut-upcut-up techniqueDavid CameronEvery Breath You Take (song) • health secretary • Im sorry • irreverenceJeremy Huntlip sync • Nick Clegg • Nigel Farageparodyparody rebootparody versionparody video remixesrap • rap battle • repurposing • resignation speech • singingsnoopers chartersongify • The Shawshank Redemption (1994) • Theresa May • video reboot • video remix


Simon Perkins

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