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04 DECEMBER 2010

Charlie Chaplin: truth and naturalism through improvisation

"While Harold Lloyd played the daredevil, hanging from clocks, and Buster Keaton maneuvered through surreal and complex situations, [Charlie] Chaplin concerned himself with improvisation. For Chaplin, the best way to locate the humor or pathos of a situation was to create an environment and walk around it until something natural happened. The concern of early theater and film was to simply keep the audience's attention through overdramatic acting that exaggerated emotions, but Chaplin saw in film an opportunity to control the environment enough to allow subtlety to come through."

(Public Broadcasting Service, 28th August 2006)


actorAmerican MastersaudienceauthorshipBuster KeatonCharlie Chaplincomedycontroldaredevil • exaggerated emotions • filmfilm acting • Harold Lloyd • hidden treasures • humourimprovisationnaturalismpathosPBSperformancephysical comedy • Public Broadcasting Service • realismsilent moviessocial realitysubtletytheatretruth • Unknown Chaplin


Simon Perkins
05 JANUARY 2009

The Einstein’s Brain Project: revealing the constructed nature of immersive virtual reality

"If there is a single general expectation of the recent advances in the technologies of virtual reality and hyper–interactive simulation it is that of its capacity to present an ever–increasing realism. The quest for seamlessly reproduced worlds is paramount in the military and institutional development of the simulation technologies. The ideal (achievable or otherwise) of immersive virtual reality consists of surrounding an individual with images, sounds and behaviours so apparently like those of the real world that the body and consequently the brain is fooled into thinking it is in that world. These developing strategies are those of realism rid of expression, symbol or metaphor and they are sustained by the authorities of homogeneity and seamlessness. Just as long rendering times and their outcome of low frame rates are constantly, and expensively, fought against because they disturb the seamlessness and the effectiveness of the illusion so ruptures in the content and the consumption of the worlds are discouraged. Stopping to consider the strangeness of a sound distorted by being played too slowly or the flickering or jerkiness of an image disrupts our sense of ourselves as being in normal relations with a world. Similarly the consideration of a subtext or a hidden meaning draws attention to our consideration and away from the construction and sustenance of our normal relationship to the world. One must see these contemporary desires as linked to a history of naturalism, its concurrent dualistic pairing of reality and appearance and the authority and correctness of institutional space."

(Alan Dunning, Paul Woodrow, Morley Hollenberg)



constructed reality • Einsteins Brain • hyper-interactive • illusionimmersivemetaphornaturalismrealismrupture • seamlessness • simulationsymbolismvirtual realityVRworld • Zeuxis


Simon Perkins

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