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13 AUGUST 2013

Retronaut: a curated collection of visual ephemera











Simon Perkins
02 JUNE 2013

The Visual Telling of Stories: a collection of advertising images, magazine spreads and book illustrations

"The website of The Visual Telling of Stories aspires to being a Visual Lexicon, dedicated to the primacy of the Visual Proposition. Above all it tries to create an overall consistency of structure and environment, as if it was all taking place in one characteristic landscape through which you are allowed to wander. The main delight and challenge is the invention of non–linear means of navigation through spaces of knowledge with a created balance of reference and discovery."

(Chris Mullen)

Fig.1 Emile Allais, Roger Frison–Roche, et al. (1947). How to Ski by the French Method: Emile Allais, Technic. Preface by Frison–Roche. Photos and Layout by Pierre Boucher. Translated from the French by Agustin R. Edwards, Éditions Flèche [].




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Simon Perkins
03 JANUARY 2009

Tim Razo's Blog of Miscellaneous Pictures

"The collective unconscious has manifested itself in the material world thru what we call the "world wide web". Massive collections of profound & compelling imagery are now readily available to us the human race, all at arms length.

I have assembled a huge assortment of random images collected thru incidental search engine excavations, which cannot be placed into any specific image folder such as landscapes, architecture, people, textures, etc. Therefore, these orphans of momentary conceptual definition must be placed into a folder labelled 'misc'.

This blog has been created in recognition of this phenomena & simultaneously of the marvel of complex information systems dedicated to data manipulation & storage. Propelling us ever exponentially further thru our evolution to a final destination. Wherever and whomever that might be.

Join me Tim Razo, in my quest for inspiration and visual stimuli in our vast ocean of thought. A social commentary (or visual playlist; and unrepentant stolen image diary if you will), with only idealistic positivity as a goal, is what we shall find."

(Tim Razo)

[an eclectic selection of visual design artefacts]



Simon Perkins

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