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05 DECEMBER 2016

Towards data justice? The ambiguity of anti-surveillance resistance in political activism

"The Snowden leaks, first published in June 2013, provided unprecedented insights into the operations of state-corporate surveillance, highlighting the extent to which everyday communication is integrated into an extensive regime of control that relies on the 'datafication' of social life. Whilst such data-driven forms of governance have significant implications for citizenship and society, resistance to surveillance in the wake of the Snowden leaks has predominantly centred on techno-legal responses relating to the development and use of encryption and policy advocacy around privacy and data protection. Based on in-depth interviews with a range of social justice activists, we argue that there is a significant level of ambiguity around this kind of anti-surveillance resistance in relation to broader activist practices, and critical responses to the Snowden leaks have been confined within particular expert communities. Introducing the notion of 'data justice', we therefore go on to make the case that resistance to surveillance needs to be (re)conceptualized on terms that can address the implications of this data-driven form of governance in relation to broader social justice agendas. Such an approach is needed, we suggest, in light of a shift to surveillance capitalism in which the collection, use and analysis of our data increasingly comes to shape the opportunities and possibilities available to us and the kind of society we live in."

(Lina Dencik, Arne Hintz and Jonathan Cable, 2016)


2016activist practices • anti-surveillance resistance • Arne Hintz • big data • collection and processing of data • critical responses • Danielle Citron • data collection • data collection and retention • data encryption • data justice • data processes • data protectiondata security • data tracking • data-driven form of governance • data-driven forms of governance • datafication • datafication of social life • David Lyon • Edward Snowden • everyday communication • Frank Pasquale • individual rights • John Sylvia IV • Jonathan Cable • Lina Dencik • Miriyam Aouragh • Natasha Dow • personal data • policy advocacy • political activism • politics of data-driven processes • privacy • privacy and the protection of personal data • profiling • protection of personal data • regime of control • resistance to surveillance • retention of informationsocial justice • social justice activists • social justice agendas • social life • societal implications of data collection • state-corporate surveillance • surveillance • techno-legal responses


Simon Perkins
18 MARCH 2012

A week on the web: Stop Kony

"Charity Invisible Children shone the spotlight on the alleged atrocities carried out by Ugandan guerilla group leader Joseph Kony this week. The charity posted an extraordinary film on Vimeo – but soon found itself under as much scrutiny as Kony. "

(Graham Hayday, 8 March 2012, The Guardian)



2012activismad campaign • African Union • atrocitiescelebrity endorsementCentral Africa • Central African Republic • charity • child soldier • communities in crisiscontroversy • Cover the Night • Democratic Republic of the Congo • documentaryEast Africaemotive manipulation • fugitive • globally known • guerilla group leader • intense exposure • International Criminal Court • Invisible Children (charity) • Invisible Children Inc • Joseph Kony • KONY 2012 • Kony2012 • Lords Resistance Army • LRA • NGO • Northern Uganda • political activism • post-conflict regions • scrutiny • slacktivism • South Sudan • Stop Kony • The GuardianUganda • United States Senate • video-sharingVimeoviralviral advertisingviral campaignviral video • war criminal • widespread popularity • YouTube


Simon Perkins
12 JUNE 2011

Ayn Rand: objective reality

"In this engaging 1959 interview, her first on television, Ayn Rand capsulizes her philosophy for CBS's Mike Wallace. The discussion ranges from the nature of morality to the economic and historical distortions disseminated about the 'robber barons.' She also comments on her relationship with Frank O'Connor, provides some autobiographical information and gives her perspective on the future of America."

(Uploaded by hastelculo on 8 Jan 2008)



Simon Perkins
03 JANUARY 2009

Goksøyr & Martens: new avant-garde practice investigating on language, identity and the contemporary

"Goksøyr & Martens is a performance project established in 1997 by Toril Goksøyr and Camilla Martens. They both finished their education at the National Academy of Fine Art in Oslo in the spring of 2001. Together they have produced performances for galleries, museums and theatre stages in and outside Norway. Amongst those Goksøyr & Martens has worked with are refugees from Kosovo–Albania, a film crew, 17 couples, pupils from the Barratt Dues Music Institute, street musicians, a Swedish television game–show host, Youths from Holmlia youth center, actors from the National Theate and activists from different political youth organizations.
The artistic project of Goksøyr & Martens can be placed into a new avant–garde practise where investigation on language, identity and the contemporary is central. This practice also represents an exchange between the political field and the art field. The result is aesthetics where artistic activism and political activism goes together hand in hand, and where the art object, the art institutions and the role of the artist is constantly discussed."
(Toril Goksøyr and Camilla Martens)

[Photo: Thomas Brun]



activismartartistic activismavant-garde • Camilla Martens • genderidentityNorwayperformancepolitical activism • Toril Goksoyr


Simon Perkins
29 DECEMBER 2008

E-learning in 'open source' education

"The open source idea is very successful in software development where there is a peer–production process of community–owned 'open source' software. The potential of this approach for education has been indicated (Staring et al, 2005; Dillon & Bacon, 2006) and this study is a qualitative review of education initiatives that embody this approach, leading to a focus group asking what can be learnt from these ideas.

Radical pedagogy is a broad term related to alternative educational approaches including critical pedagogy and popular education, and educational concepts like collaborative and constructivist learning. History and influences range through Foucault, socialism, Freire, de–schooling and anarchism to traveller culture. Major themes are non–alignment, critique of power, non–hierarchical self–organisation, political activism and critical consciousness (Smith 1996; Wright 1989 and others).

The research is evaluating the open source approach as a significant concept in education thinking and identifying pedagogical and e–learning ideas or techniques from such approaches that can be valuable for teaching and learning."
(Brent Cunningham, March 17 2008)

[This extract has been taken from a preliminary abstract posted Brent Cunningham to the Autonomous University of Lancaster forum.]

Dillon, T., Bacon, S. 2006. Opening education. The potential of open source approaches for education.

McGettigan , T. 1999. What is Radical Pedagogy? Radical Pedagogy 1 (1).

Smith, M. K. 1996. Ideas. Key concepts and theories in informal education, lifelong learning and social action.

Staring, K., Titlestad, O. & Gailis, J. 2005. Educational transformation through open source approaches.

Wright, N., 1989. Assessing radical education. Milton Keynes/Philadelphia: Open University Press.


andragogy • Autonomous University of Lancaster • collaboration • constructivist learning • critical consciousnesscritical pedagogycritique of powerdeschoolinge-learningeducationethicslearningMichel Foucault • non-alignment • non-hierarchicalopen sourceparticipatory learningPaulo Freirepedagogypeer-productionpolitical activismradical pedagogy • self-organisation • social changesocial constructionismteaching • traveller culture


Simon Perkins

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